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It's time to leave the spreadsheets behind.

iRISK™ is the collaborative platform that works across different production sites, business units and user-levels.

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Meet the world's most advanced Risk Management platform.

iRISK™ is a next generation Risk Management Platform for the pharmaceutical industry, developed according to the industry's best practices and influenced by its SMEs, to develop risk and science based strategies for products, processes as well as other specific GxP related activities, in a systematic and compliant way.

iRISK™ integrates, in a single platform, functionalities to manage risk and knowledge, allowing companies to streamline their processes throughout the lifecycle of their products and accounting for all areas of their pharma environment.

A Unique Platform

Our expertise on the pharma industry, its needs and the solutions that provide value to its stakeholders allowed us to fine tune iRISK™'s offer and usability to provide maximum value.


Digitalisation of the processes has been one of the companies’ priorities for the last few years. Our expertise on the pharma industry and its needs help us to fine iRISK™'s offer providing responsive and logical layouts for multi-user collaborations.

With iRISK™, all your teams can have the same workflows, using the same templates, in a uniform way. This allows you to capture insights and increase efficiency.

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With the increased demands for risk-based decisions, companies need corporate solutions supporting integrated Quality Risk Management processes that are digital and flexible enough to cover the whole product lifecycle.

iRISK™ enables just that by applying the best principles and tools, ensuring that your risk activities are aligned with FDA, GMP-Annex 15, EMA and ICH guidelines.

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By customizing the functionality of your iRISK™ platform, your organization's unique requirements can be addressed to enhance your team's performance.

Our expertise dealing with most data sources and the strategy followed to develop iRISK™ enables us to link it to various 3rd party software.

We load your historical data, SOPs, templates into iRISK™ so that you only have the benefits of adopting a new tool.

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iRISK™ uses rich visuals to analyze and compare risks for improved decision-making.

With iRISK™'s proprietary features you can compare different production lines, equipment and scenarios for optimal risk-based decisions.


Ready for you whenever you're ready for it.

We understand that you need to have a clear understanding of when would iRISK™ start making your Risk Management so much easier. Our deployment process is very streamlined, which is why we can predict how much each phase will take.

You should keep in mind that, if you happen to need customisations outside of the current iRISK™ features, these estimations might not be accurate.

iRISK implementation: one month


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Our team will make sure the system works properly and that your other systems are perfectly integrated iRISK™.


At this point, we will deliver a carefully planned training to your team to make sure you can make the most out of iRISK™.

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It's Go-Live time! This also marks the start of the one month Hypercare phase where we will support closely your iRISK™ use.

Organizations around the world are using iRISK™

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